Toni and Relaxed by Toni

TONI is the absolute expert in the production of trousers for women who know what’s important to them.

For nearly five decades, the TONI brand has been a firm favourite when it comes to modern, top-quality ladies’ trousers that fit perfectly.

Toni is modern, self-confident and surprising.

There are many different facets to women who wear TONI, and because time brings changes in body shape too, they are all the more demanding when it comes to fit, quality and level of fashion.

Relaxed by TONI

Relaxed by TONI is an elegant, sporty and feminine brand.

Well-known for its superb fits, reliable quality and consistent style expertise.

High quality that’s guaranteed to fit well and is easy to wear – this is the criterion for Relaxed by TONI customers who wish to underline their own individual, feminine style.